Ho Ho Ho!!! Teehee – Thanksgiving has come upon us! ¡Uno más día hasta las festividades comienza!

YAY!!! Sometimes I speak in spanish when I get excited (not because I am of spanish decent – but because I majored in it.. and when I remember a whole sentence?  I get excited and put it down!! YAY!!  Anyway – I am so excited about Thanksgiving – I love seeing all my family and all the great food and all the fabulous pictures that get taken – this is ALMOST one of my favorite holidays!!  One of my favorite things is the place settings and how the table looks – ALWAYS get a picture of the table before it gets ruined!!! We have a kid table this year… 7 kids – wow.. our family is getting so big and i ❤ it!

Dont forget to make it memorable!!  – Also.. check back on Thanksgiving Day Eve – We have something that is gunna blow your top off!!!!  Specials that youve never seen before!


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